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Where The Second Amendment is Our First Priority
Veteran Owned and Operated
Ammunition is Proudly Made in the USA
Now stocking AERO PRECISION!

Who we are

Fox Cartridge is the culmination of the best technologies available today to make some of the finest ammunition in the world.  We originally started as Straight Wall Custom Rifles (SWCR) and it exists today.   Each year we make a few high-end rifles for hunting the midwestern states that allow deer hunting using straight wall cartridges.  We specialize in custom 375 Winchester and 357 Maximum rifles built with Ruger # 1 actions fitted with match grade barrels to give maximum accuracy.  Since building these rifles, it only made since to produce the ammunition as well.  And now, building quality ammunition in most all calibers has become our focus and passion. We own a first-class climate-controlled loading facility that house the very best high-speed loading machines in the ammunition loading industry.  Each cartridge is either hand inspected, laser inspected or both.  Our staff is experienced and dedicated to making the best ammo you can buy!

Fox Cartridge is the bringing together of two brands, SWCR and NovX.  SWCR as the super high quality brass case line that focuses on hunting and personal protection and NovX who builds the lightest, strongest most precise ammunition in the industry that enhanced performance and accuracy using stainless steel case technology in pistol and limited rifle calibers.  Together we are bringing some truly game changing ammunition to our members.  From the Triad projectile with its devastating expansion, to the new SCHP-X projectile giving massive trauma and penetration.

Over the next few months and subsequent years, we are rolling out additional calibers with new state of the art projectiles and will continue to evolve into a more vertically integrated company.  All of this to deliver the best ammunition guaranteed to your door every month to help protect our right to bear arms.  We are fathers, mothers, hunters, patriots, we are Fox Cartridge.



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