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The Triad line of projectiles are the pinnacle of machining capabilities.  These bullets are designed to expand in a huge variety of applications.  These are fully machined projectiles that are made to hold together for those tough shooting conditions, but perform no matter what.  These projectiles have an increased B.C. by adding a Polymer Tip.  Offered for super sonic and subsonic rounds, these projectiles give deep penetration and high expansion to deliver the most tissue damage possible.  These projectiles are fully machined and then go though an additional process of being slit on the tip to make sure they expand into a petal.  Excellent consistency in product, these are the best of the best.  When something has to be stopped, this is the round you want.


The Triad-X Projectile is designed for maximum penetration.  The solid copper projectile has a deep hollow point cavity that is designed to open on impact.  This leaves a perfect petal in a variety of gel block tests.  It defeats a wide variety of barrier blind testing from car doors to wind shields.  When you want maximum stopping power for big game hunting, or the perfect pistol ammunition, Triad-X is an amazing performer.  In rifle rounds these are all completely CNC machined in the same way as our Triad, but without the tip.  In a pistol round, these are drawn and swedged into shape to allow for a more pronounced hollow point to give excellent expansion throughout lower handgun velocities. 


We wanted to take copper to the next level.  Push the limits of engineering and see what happens.  The result is the SCHP-X projectile.  This is a light for caliber round that has amazing results.  The solid copper isn’t made to hold together, but rather penetrate 1-2 inches and explode violently into small fragments leaving the base of the projectile to continue through the target while the fragments create huge tissue damage for roughly 6” into the target.  This makes for the maximum damage in light skinned small game such as coyotes and other nuisance animals.  This projectile in a pistol is an excellent choice for defeating light clothing, however, would not be effective against body amour, or barrier blind testing.  


In looking for the future of what we can do with projectiles, we developed a target round with a super high BC.  The LRS is a long rand target round that is made from a solid piece of copper.  No hollow points, no expanding.  This is made to take the rifle round as far as we can and ring the plates.  When you want to see what a rifle can do, this is the round you want in the magazine.  This also make for an excellent small game round when hunting those pelts in the winter as well leaving minimum damage to the hides.  


The EE or Engagement Extreme is the use of the original Ruger ARX design loaded into a lightweight steel case.  The bullet construction is unique.  It’s a blend of about 70% copper and 30% polymer.  That is where the poly-copper term derives from.  Now, there is a big misconception as to how this projectile performs.  It is hard enough to penetrate glass, light metal, wood, and sheetrock without fragmenting.  However, if this round hits something really hard, like hardened pipe or a steel target, then it shatters and you are left with a copper colored pile of dust.  This is a zero ricochet round when used on a steel target range.  This round does excellent in barrier blind testing as well as delivering massive damage to the target.  When that bullet is pushed to 1700+ fps, it is spinning so fast that it creates the same effect as a boat prop cutting through water.  All the liquid is pushed away from the center and forced outwards at a very fast rate.  Most tissues are made of water, so the effect is the same.  It translates to big holes.  


The CTC (Cross Trainer Competition) is a perfect round for hitting steel targets.  No fear of ricochet coming back, this allows for close combat and defensive senecios that you wouldn’t want to do with a standard RNP bullet.  This round also promotes proper firearm control and function.  With a lightweight round, there is less inertia to drive the slide back on a semi auto pistol.  So, if you limp wrist the pistol, or have poor hand placement, the pistol will no cycle smoothly.  There isn’t a better training tool out there.  As with both the CTC and the EE rounds, they are NOT recommended for suppressor use. 


This round was made for running a true fragmenting round safely in a suppressor.  Exclusively in the 300 BLK caliber, this round is 100% steel target safe and suppressor friendly.  The difference is in the construction of the projectile.  The bullet is 100% copper.  No polymers or lead.  It gives excellent performance across a wide selection of SBRs as well as bolt rifles.  The lightweight case is 100% stainless steel and safe in all firearms.  This is a great training round to run on the range, while giving you excellent accuracy and function.  


To deliver the highest quality of ammunition to our members in the effort to protect our 2nd amendment rights as Americans.

  • Guarantee ammunition for self-defense and hunting
  • Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Allow access to more calibers and supplies as available
  • Always deliver the highest quality ammunition possible